About Us

In 1996, Outside-In opened its doors in the sunny coastal community of Aptos, California. Founded by John & Jerri Hammond, a husband and wife team, the store was created to bring together in one place a variety of fine home, garden and kitchen products from around the world. 
Ready to try something fresh and new, Outside-In Kids was opened in early 2009. Reflecting the owners’ love of travel and their passion for objects that enrich the beauty of everyday life, the stores are an experience not to be missed.  

Our new site only offers a glimpse into the world of Outside-In and Outside-In Kids, so we encourage you to visit our two storefront locations when in the Bay Area.

In 2019, the shops changed hands to a new family. Alisa Hart and Alasdair Dent acquired both shops in early January, with the goal of providing the local community with the same level of quality and attention to customer care. We invite you to come in and explore our beautiful & unique lifestyle boutique and children's store.